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On 29th October 2021 the Company started the liquidation procedure and has stopped its bunkering activity​. The liquidation of SHIP-SERVICE is a planned and controlled process of terminating its commercial activities. The current obligations will be performed on an ongoing basis.

The main areas of SHIP-SERVICE were:
- deliveries of bunker fuels to sea going and inland vessels;
- various services rendered to the ships in ports;
- storage and transhipment of different goods;
- sea and land cargo forwarding;
- consulting services in sea cargoes trade;
- environment protection services;
- export and import of petrochemical products;

SHIP-SERVICE in liquidation continues its full portfolio environmental protection services despite the wind-up process in progress. In particular, the collection of ships' waste and sludges will not be stopped till further notice.

We are present at the marine market for almost 50 years

1957 - Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Morskich (Marine Services Enterprise) SHIP-SERVICE is established as a state owned company. Its area of activity comprises port services, shipyard works, cargo transhipment and storage, environment protection services.
1992 - The company is privatized and transformed to PUM SHIP-SERVICE SA (joint stock company)
1995-1998 - The company specializes in supplying the sea-going vessels with bunker fuels in Poland. It becomes the biggest and the most important bunker supplier in all Polish sea ports.
1999 - A subsidiary company UAB SHIP-SERVICE Klaipeda is established in Lithuania with its objective to offer bunkering services in Klaipeda port.
2002 - PKN ORLEN SA becomes the main shareholder of PUM SHIP-SERVICE SA. The company's name, as ORLEN's subsidiary, has been changed to SHIP-SERVICE ORLEN Group.
2021 - The Shareholders' decision to wind-up the Company


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