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1957 - Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Morskich (Marine Services Enterprise) SHIP-SERVICE is established as a state owned company. Its area of activity comprises port services, shipyard works, cargo transhipment and storage, environment protection services.

1992 - The company is privatized and transformed to PUM SHIP-SERVICE SA (joint stock company)

1995-1998 - The company specializes in supplying the sea-going vessels with bunker fuels in Poland. It becomes the biggest and the most important bunker supplier in all Polish sea ports.

1999 - A subsidiary company UAB SHIP-SERVICE Klaipeda is established in Lithuania with its objective to offer bunkering services in Klaipeda port.

2002 - PKN ORLEN SA becomes the main shareholder of PUM SHIP-SERVICE SA. The company\'s name, as ORLEN\'s subsidiary, has been changed to SHIP-SERVICE ORLEN Group.

2021 - The Shareholder's decision to wind-up the Company

2023 - The end of the Company's iquidation process​​


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