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SHIP-SERVICE S.A. in liquidation

04-11-2021  Own information

Please be advised that on October 29, 2021 the Extraordinary General Meeting of SHIP-SERVICE S.A. adopted a resolution to dissolve the Company and begin a liquidation procedure.


The liquidation of our Company is a planned and controlled process of terminating the activities of our Company within the ORLEN Group. Current contracts and obligations will be performed on an ongoing basis in accordance with the previous arrangements.


Therefore, pursuant to art. 461, § 2 of the Polish Commercial Companies Code, all documents, in particular the invoices and other financial documents, issued to our company for the services performed after that date, should contain the address and company name, specified as follows:


SHIP-SERVICE S.A. w likwidacji

ul. Zelazna 87

00-879 Warsaw


Please issue your documents in accordance with the above information.


At the same time, we would like to inform you that all other registration data of the Company, including in particular the EU Tax Identification Number (VAT ID number), have not changed.​


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